13TH Kazakhstan International Occupational Safety and Health Conference and Exhibition

28-30 МАY 2025

Astana, Kazakhstan «EXPO» IEC

13TH Kazakhstan International Occupational Safety and Health Conference and Exhibition

28-30 МАY 2025

Astana, Kazakhstan «EXPO» IEC

BOWMAN MED - the digital platform standard for managing health, occupational safety, and employee training

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BOWMAN MED - more than a medical examination:
• automation of the work of a paramedic in terms of carrying out pre-shift/pre-trip medical examinations
• formation of an electronic medical journal, electronic trip tickets and more than 20 types of detailed reports on the health status of employees
• digital platform for managing the risks of cardiovascular diseases
• integration with the Customer’s information and personnel systems, integration with site access control management and positioning system for miners and vehicles, and other databases

Benefits of implementing BOWMAN solutions:

that your employee is healthy and attentive before going on shift
that all Occupational Safety and Health law requirements and best practices are met
of industrial accidents and incidents due to the human factor
the risks of suspension of production and downtime of expensive equipment
a culture of healthy and safe work environment


BOWMAN MED software and hardware complex for carrying out pre-trip/pre-shift and post-trip/post-shift medical examinations.

The software and hardware complex allows automating the pre-trip/pre-shift medical examination. Measured parameters in 1 minute: pressure, pulse, body temperature, alcohol and drug intoxication.
Additional functional capabilities: psychophysiological examination and recording of ECG parameters.
If you are a representative of the manufacturing, mining, oil and gas, metallurgical, logistics or other industries, we can help you optimize the processes for admitting employees to the area where work duties are performed. Leading companies in Kazakhstan are already using BOWMAN MED terminals.

To date, the implementation of BOWMAN MED hardware and software complexes has shown high efficiency and allows:
• Improving the quality of examinations performed
• Ensuring 100% employee coverage
• Reducing examinations time by 5 times
• Reducing the risk group for blood pressure by 3 times based on the year’s results
• Automating filling out logs and forming health reports
• Integrating with enterprise information systems
• Creating a database for health management

The uniqueness of the exhibit in contrast to analogues:
- Impeccable quality equipment
- Wide analytical capabilities and flexible settings of the Software according to the Customer’s requirements
- Production in Kazakhstan with carrying out foreign economic activities
- Experienced technical support engineers 24/7

BOWMAN MED hardware and software complex for instruction and knowledge control

The software and hardware complex is designed for carrying out instructions, surveys, testing the level of knowledge of the organization’s employees, delivering content and, if necessary, documenting events.
Unique properties of the complex of instruction and knowledge control:
- exclusion of the human factor from the process of collecting information, monitoring knowledge, and instructions
- reduction of time and labor costs for collecting information
- increasing the efficiency of training events carried out by the company
- formation of preventive measures based on the responses received
- improvement of working conditions
based on collecting feedback from employees
- remote control of the security level at a specific facility

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